Emotone is a project for eclectic new music in the exciting crossover field of Electronica, Electroacoustic, Ambient, New Classical, Leftfield and other (im)possible combinations. Emotone is founded by Tomas Weiss & Tania Giannouli.

Tomas Weiss  

Born near Frankfurt/Main (Germany) in 1975, Tomas Weiss built early on a deep relationship to many kinds of musical styles. From 1997 to 2004 he worked as electronic DJ in different national clubs and with radio stations. From 1997-2005 he owned the vinyl store "el culto" - a shop selling high quality electronic music.

He created the music network "el culto" - a global and idealistic portal for contemporary music. Supported artists are: Klaus Wiese, Mathias Grassow, Con_Sense, Thamnos, Submental, Solveil, Circulum musicum, Emotone, Nautic Depths, Rüdiger Gleisberg, Bruno Sanfilippo, Nostalgia, Amtana and others. He co- founded Emotone project with Tania Giannouli - Tomas Weiss is also responsible for the labels "Musical Philosophy", "Thar", "Sound Claim" and "ClassXX".

Within his different projects and collaborations his aim is to create and release exclusively high quality music and also to expand and break artistic boundaries - his work expands into many styles including Ambient, Electronica, Classical, Experimental and possible combinations.

Tania Giannouli  

Coming from classical music training, she studied piano (solist diploma) and composition at Athenaeum Conservatory. She has attended workshops on composition, improvisation and computer music technology. She also studied Agriculture in Agricultural Univercity of Athens.

Her film & theatre music has been performed at many festivals throughout the world (Greece, Iran, Romania, Bosnia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Bulgaria, UK, Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Lithuania, Morocco, China, Brazil, Kenya, Poland ). As a pianist she is into concerts with a theatrical touch ("The album of Madame Bovary and other stories", "Les Eluard"). She performed in Chris Soumka`s “16 Days” (Archangel music) in collaboration with the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra.

She has participated in ElectroMediaWorks Festival ’08 & '10 and she has performed together with electronica musician Spyweirdos at Synch Festival (2010). Collaboration with Dissonart ensemble and Athens Youth Orchestra .

She is also into improvisation and she co-founded the free improvisation band 4+1. Their first cd "4+1 live at Sfendoni" is released by Triple Bath.