Guest musicians

Solis Barki

Multitalented Solis Barki (he studied Economics in the University of Athens and is also an illustrator and comic artist with a great activity in Greece and abroad) is considered to be one of the most important greek percussionists. He studied mediterranean and african percussion instruments as well as didgeridoo. He has collaborated with many musicians and groups like Ross Daly, Nikos Xydakis, Michalis Nikoloudis, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Bustan Abraham, Spyridoula band, Lamia Bendioui, Kristi Stassinopoulou, Nena Venetsanou and others. He has participated in music, dance and theater groups like Theros, Magiko Chali , Amalgama dance group, Natassa Zouka dance group, Sephdora, Thessaliko Theatro and Theatro tis Anoixis and he has contributed in numerous records as a percussionist, composer and songwriter. Solis explores the magic area of sound colours from all over the world and plays frame drums, darbuka, djembe, udu, berimbaw, didgeridoo, water drums, singing bowls, gongs, calimbas, bells, shakers, jews harps, whistles and many sound objects.

Orestis Zafiropoulos

Orestis Zafiropoulos (* 1971) took courses of violin, guitar, classical singing and byzantine music and cello. He holds a Degree in cello and composition. He attended workshops of baroque and contemporary music and conducting; also studied the acoustics of string instruments and lutherie. He has contributed in 16 cd-releases. Since 1998 he was a member of Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and City of Athens Symphony Orchestra. Playing and teaching the cello as a folk music instrument is his most recent occupation.